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Does this sound familiar? “You’re so STUPID!”…I love You. “Fat Pig”…I love you. “Can’t you do anything right?!”…I love you. “Psycho”…I love you. “If you leave, I’LL KILL YOU!”…I love you.

No One Deserves to be Abused!

Verbal and emotional abuse can destroy your confidence, self-esteem, beliefs, values and health. “Helpful” criticisms – put downs – name calling – threats – playing mind games – “crazy making” – denying – lying – blaming – isolation. Those are a few ways an abuser keeps power and control in a relationship, often using physical violence as well. Sometimes they are loving, giving you hope that everything will be back to the way if was when you were first together. It also makes it harder for you to leave when the abuse begins again.

Abusers Keep You Off Balance

It is difficult to think of the future when all of your focus is on trying to keep your abuser happy. You may not know if you should leave or stay. Abusers want you to feel too confused, embarrassed, ashamed, isolated and afraid to reach out for help.

Make a Plan

Decide what you will need for yourself and your children to stay safe and live on your own if you leave. Talk to a domestic violence advocate, it is free and confidential. We can help, 812-838-3077 or toll free 866-391-1927.

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