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The Hidden Injuries of Domestic Violence

Are You Depressed?

If you answer yes to three or more of the following questions and these feelings continue for more than two weeks and/or interfere in your daily life, it is important that you seek help.

  • Do you feel sad often or all of the time?
  • Do you feel anxious, nervous or irritable?
  • Do you cry often?
  • Do you feel trapped, hopeless?
  • Have you lost interest in things you usually enjoy?
  • Have your sleep habits changed?
  • Are you sleeping too little or too much?
  • Has your appetite changed? Have you gained or lost weight?
  • Do you feel tired/listless?
  • Do you have trouble making decisions?
  • Are you ill more often than you used to be?
  • Do you have frequent headaches and/or stomach aches?
  • Have you thought about killing yourself or wished you were dead?

Depression is a Treatable Illness!

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse is not uncommon in violent relationships. Programs such as Al-Anon, for families of alcoholics and addicts, can be a source of information and support. Even if your partner stops using, the controlling and abusive behavior will often continue.

If you are using drugs and/or alcohol, the first step is to seek help for your addiction. Your health and well-being should be your number one priority. No matter what your history may be, no one deserves to be abused!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Exposure to violence and stress, besides causing depression, can impact your mental health in other ways. If you have nightmares, flashbacks or panic attacks, these may be symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. A counselor or therapist can suggest treatment options to help you recover.

Where Do I Go For Help?

Call your local mental health provider. Make an appointment with your family doctor. He/she can provide referrals to mental health providers and therapists.
Call a domestic violence hotline.  Willow Tree of Posey County Domestic Violence hotline number is 866-391-1927



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