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Safety planning
Domestic abuse is unfortunately one of the most common abuse one can experience. This means that a safety plan needs to be in place to get out of the situation.
Abusers will stalk you whenever they can. You will always live in fear of being stalked by him or her if you stay in contact.
Emotional Abuse
When people think of abuse, they often think of physical abuse. But emotional and verbal abuse is real too.
Don't make excuses for your partner.
When you’re in love with someone, you will often stick up for them. But in an abusive relationship, you may think that you don’t need to ask for help.
It’s not just adults that go through this. Teens often have relationships, and sometimes it’s not a good one.
Power & Control
Power, and control are what abusers get off on. Take a look how an abuser will try to keep you trapped in the relationship.
Red flags
In an abusive relationship, there are often red flags.He or she will always blame someone else.
Warning signs
Calling you names and putting you down?. Jealous and possessive of anyone who tries to talk to you?
Helping a friend
It’s important that you are their friend, someone that is there for them.